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Benefits and Usage of Jute Bags
03/31/2016 9:02 am

Look deep into nature and it will be much easier to listen to the music radiated by every plant, every bit that constitutes it. Take a quite walk with Mother nature and it will be easier to understand how much we need her to rejuvenate our soul, mind, body and ultimately PEACE. The world is becoming a difficult place to be in with all that pollution and mishandling of the  resources. 

MNR Industries makes an effort to go ahead with its slogan of "Go Green" and promote a healthier and greener world. The company is on a march to Green revolution which is indeed one of the best way to arrest the rising pollution. Bringing the attention to an important concern, MNR Industries promotes the "Jute bags" or the so called "Eco-Friendly Bags" to combat the deadly effects of using plastic bags and other non-reusable stuff. Jute is one of the strongest natural plant fibre which is put to wide variety of uses. 

Its usage, consumption, availability and low cost makes its the most preferred re-usable material as against the plastic bags. The plastic bags that are produced on a large scale are not recycled and hence they add up to the ocean debris, street littering, floating waste on water bodies which is a serious threat to the aquatic life. Add to this the fact that plastics bags take around 1000 years to degrade completely. The Government is increasingly becoming aware of the ill and harmful effects of using the plastic bags and expediting measures to reduce its usage. 

The various benefits and usages of jute bags are:

  •  Jute is one of the strongest fibre available which can be spun to  strong threads. It is 100% bio-degradable and environment friendly.
  •  Jute bags are ecological and very durable owing to its strong make. Its  not easy to tear a jute bag as compared to the plastic or paper bags.
  •  Juts bags are environment friendly as they degrade maximum in 1 - 2 years.
  •  With the increase usage of jute, more families to be involved in its  production, hence generating employment to more than 4 million families  in different communities.
  •  Not only can jute bags carry more weight as compared to the plastic  bags, they can also resist high temperature and hence are the best for  carrying food.
  •  Jute bags are the best ways to campaign around for a product. The  durable jute bags, with the branding can be seen in the hands of people  using it long after the bag has been actually given. 
  •  Jute has this unique ability to get blended with a number of other  fibres. Also it can be dyed to give an attractive look with color and  patterns
  • Jute bags are cheap, effective and they look quite elegant in their natural golden color. The maintenance required is also very minimal.
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